Wine Survivor

Get Me On The Wine Island!

  • Registration for the draw closes: May 6, 2021
  • Maximum of 80 teams of 5 people each (max. 400 entries)
  • Registration: $50 per person
    • Covers your participation fee (playground donation) of $25 and the cost of a bottle of wine (worth at least $25) that the Playground Committee will purchase on your behalf
  • Register a full team or as an individual (we will assign you to a team)
  • Submit multiple entries / register for multiple teams
  • Registrations received by the early bird deadline of April 28 @ 5 pm will be entered into draws for THREE early bird prizes!
  • Early bird prizes to choose from:
    • The Keg gift card
    • Visa gift card
    • Your choice of a bottle of wine, champagne, scotch, or beer

Win the Wine!

  • Daily draws held May 14-18
    • randomly selected names will be eliminated or “voted off the island”
  • Teams are not eliminated until ALL members of a team are eliminated
  • Number of daily eliminations depends on the number of participants
  • First team eliminated wins a consolation prize
  • Last 5 names drawn win the below prizes (to be split with their teams)
  • The last name drawn wins the big prize!

May the Luckiest Wine Lover Survive!

PrizesBottles% of BottlesValue
1st Full Team Eliminated102.5%$250
5th Prize Team205.0%$500
4th Prize Team5012.5%$1,250
3rd Prize Team8020.0%$2,000
2nd Prize Team10025.0%$2,500
1st Prize Team14035.0%$3,500


If you prefer to donate to Holy Name without entering the wine draw, please click here.

Registration is Now Closed

The winners will be announced soon. Thanks for your support!

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